Sleep : Health Tip: 5 Things to Help You Sleep Soundly

Posted January 5, 2017

(HealthDay News) -- If your room is too bright, noisy or full of activity when you travel, any of these could prevent you from getting needed rest.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends:

1. Buy an eye mask that fits well, feels comfortable and helps block out light. Look for one with molded eye cups if the mask rubs against your eyes.

2. Get a small, travel-sized pillow. Many travel pillows are shaped to fit around your neck.

3. Bring your own warm, soft blanket.

4. Buy a pair of ear plugs. They're available in a range of features, from the basics to those that play white noise and adjust pressure in your ears.

5. Get some lavender-scented hand cream. The relaxing scent may help you sleep.

-- Diana Kohnle

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