Blood Pressure : 10 Reasons to Eat a Banana

Courtesy of Organic Connections

Get ready to add to your comfort food list. Instead of doing what many of us do when the stresses of daily life take hold and going for something sugar- or fat-filled, consider grabbing a banana instead. This nearly perfect fruit can boost your spirits and even help calm your body.

Clocking in at only around 110 calories, a banana supplies healthy carbs to increase energy, dietary fiber to aid in digestion, immune-boosting vitamin C, and a dose of vitamin B6, which helps soothe the nervous system.

Bananas are also high in potassium, a mineral that works to remove sodium from the bloodstream, therefore regulating blood pressure and easing stress. Plus, bananas contain tryptophan, which can be transformed into serotonin, a brain neurochemical that improves mood. (Hint: Magnesium helps your body absorb and use potassium.)

When choosing bananas, always pick bunches that are firm with stems and tips intact. Less ripe bananas with green tips have lower sugar content and more resistant starch, while speckled, ripe bananas have higher sugar but are easier to digest.

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