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Three Brains

Three Brains

Most of us tend to think of the brain as an isolated control center for all our other organs. But the fact is, our inner workings are far more synergistic. According to Karen Jensen, naturopathic doctor and author of Three Brains, there is a growing body of evidence to suggest we actually have three “brains” and their interaction influences our overall health. She suggests, “nutrients from whole foods, exercise, and supplements are effective, non-invasive ways to support the ‘three brains’ interaction and optimize mental health and cognition.”

Head brain Cognition, clarity of thought, and memory are key brain functions. Our brains have high oxygen and energy demands. So, when nutritional gaps, stress, or irregular sleep prevail, then mental sharpness and concentration can suffer.

Heart brain Recent discoveries in the area of neurocardiology have shown that the messages the heart sends the brain affect our perceptions, mental processes, feelings, and performance in profound ways.

Gut brain The gut brain contains approximately 100 million neurons and it can work both independently of, and in conjunction with, the head brain. Studies suggest gut microbiota communicate with the head brain and may play a role in mood and cognition. This gut-brain connection is an exciting emerging field called neurogastroenterology. 

The Three Brains™ line of supplements is designed to support the critical relationship between the HEART BRAIN, the GUT BRAIN, and the HEAD BRAIN. This product line features 3 Brains Total™, a kit that includes the foundational supplements for good three-brain health, as well as individual products formulated to support specific aspects of mental and cognitive health, physical and mental fatigue, support mood, and improve sleep quality.

Our overall health clearly relies on the individual health of our brain, heart, and gut. And well-being in turn, affects our cognitive health. The 3 Brains Total kit includes five supplements that are essential for “three-brain health” – Sharp-PS® phosphatidylserine, Meriva® curcumin, omega-3 EPA/DHA, grapeseed extract, and a high-potency probiotic – in convenient daily cello packs.

Higher Thoughts is specifically formulated to support cognitive and cardiovascular health by combining nutrients that nourish both the brain and heart. Omega-3 fatty acids support cardiovascular health and cognitive function while green tea extract provides antioxidant support.

Brain Fix supports cognitive health, brain function, and cardiovascular health by supporting healthy cortisol and C-reactive protein levels already within the normal range, the biomarkers of physical stress, and signs of everyday stress, such as fatigue, occasional sleeplessness, irritability, and temporary difficulties concentrating.

Mental Sunshine has important nutrients that help promote healthy mood balance. This formula combines vitamin B6, inositol, saffron extract, and 5-HTP made from the seeds of Griffonia simplicifolia, which together can promote a sense of comfort, contentment, and well-being.

The Best-Sleep combines five non-habit-forming herbal extracts that have been traditionally used in herbal medicine as mild sleep aids, especially in cases of restlessness or occasional sleeplessness due to mental stress. The ingredients in this unique formula also have an analgesic effect that further promotes relaxed and restful sleep. 

The Serene Mind formula supports cognitive function by relieving mental fatigue and the symptoms associated with stress. This blend of ashwagandha, rhodiola, and Panax ginseng extracts promotes a healthy response to both physical and mental stressors. Green tea extract antioxidants help defend against free radical damage. 

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